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Dairy Farms

Dairy Production with highest standards in Animal Health, Animal Welfare and Production Efficiency – CowConsult supports with analyses, predictions and applicable advice.


Industry & Supplies

There is hardly an industry as innovative as dairy farming. Hardly an industry challenges its partners as much. And there’s hardly a field where experience and trust are so highly valued. CowConsult offers both: Applying experience while staying curious.

Policy Advice

Modern dairy farming is a focus of public discussion. We believe: Animal Production and Animal Welfare do complement each other. Prevention is the key. CowConsult explains the essence of dairy production – so you can position yourself safely on a sound evidence base.


Animal Husbandry

Understanding animals’ needs – Animal welfare forms the base of an efficient milk production

Risk Management

Understanding the challenges of modern Animal Husbandry. Prevention as principle of effective dairy farming. Creating solutions for the next step.


Knowing the facts of animal production. Being able to explain what Animal Health and – Welfare mean. Knowledge spread in an attractive way.

About Dr. Joachim Lübbo Kleen


Education in Hannover, Pretoria, Utrecht und Glasgow

Veterinary Specialist in Bovine Medicine

EBVS® European Specialist for Bovine Health Management

Authored numerous peer-reviewed papers on physiology, nutrition, communication, and herd

management. Renowned specialist in dairy herd health management

Lecturer in Animal Husbandry and Reproduction

Passionate speaker, devoted teacher, and entertaining lecturer.

Languages: German, English, Dutch, Russian

Dr. Joachim Kleen

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